My Winemaking

Red Fermentation

In this case Syrah, been gently plunged. During red fermentation, which takes place with the skins and the juice together, the carbon dioxide produced by the ferment creates a cap of skins on top of the juice, or wine. This cap needs to be wet regularly to reduce the risk of disease and oxidation issues. There are various methods to do this, here is a gentle puching down of the skins into the juice.


Chardonnay Barrel

These Ferments locks show the release of gas built up inside the Chardonnay barrels during primary fermentation.


Racking the Rose

In this video you see the wine been returned to tank after removing it from all the solids that remained or developed after ferment. These include tartrates and lees (dead yeast). The process is called racking and is a way to clarify the wine.