Jackson Brooke Blok 49 Chardonnay 2021

Jackson Brooke Blok 49 Chardonnay 2021

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Vineyard: Located in Hamilton and sitting on a ridge above the Grangeburn, this is a stunning little vineyard, and it is little! About 900 vines, close planted with low (50cm) fruiting wires and single guyot pruning. The vineyard was planted 15 years ago in a semi industrial area within the Hamilton town boundary making it one of the most suburban vineyards I’ve visited. With the help of my parents I manage this vineyard and we aim to use minimal inputs, spraying only copper and sulfur to control Mildew.

Clones: Bernard 76, Bernard 95, Bernard 277,

Harvest Date: 12th March 2021

Beaume: 12.5

pH: 3.36

Winemaking: Fermented in an old French oak barrel, without inoculation, and after a steady start finished fermenting by day 10. Full MLF was completed by July and an addition of SO2 made to safeguard against spoilage and oxidation. The wine was racked on the 13th of November and bottled via gravity on the 15th of November.