My Story

Wine is full of aromas.
Aromas are very good at evoking memories, and so, when drinking wine I feel there can be a strong connection to the memory that is elicited, especially if it’s a good wine or there is a strong memory attached. I make wine because I want it to represent a place and a time, a ‘memory’ of that place and time. I then hope that the wine helps to establish a place and time memory for those enjoying it, be it a nice restaurant, an amazing campsite or their dining table.

My Parents were partners in a small vineyard and winery in Western Victoria. While completing a BSc at Melbourne University I lived with my uncle in Fitzroy and he generously shared  with me some amazing aged Victorian reds that grew my passion for wine. This took me to Lincoln University in NZ to complete my Graduate Diploma in Viticulture and Oenology.

Since then work in Japan, California, Languedoc, the King Valley and the Yarra Valley have provided a wealth of experience and perspective.

I sometimes prefer to think of my winemaking as a broadening of the French term ‘elevage’ (to raise). The vineyards provide fruit full of character, I merely want shape that character into a drink providing insight into the vineyard and vintage.

My Fruit

My Winemaking

I make only single vineyard wines and I make only wines from Henty in Western Victoria. In all my winemaking decisions I aim to best represent the vineyard where the fruit is grown, this means very minimal intervention. I’ve established strong relationships with the vineyard owners and work with them when needed to ensure
the fruit and therefore wines are the best they can be.


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